Steamtrucks & -busses

This page is dedicated to a project which took place from 1930 until 1936 where engineers from Henschel und Sohn worked with Warren Doble on developing steam installations for use in road and rail vehicles.

This page should be seen as a global overview over the project whereas not all the details are not known at this time and as a starting point for further investigation.

The Project

In 1930 Henschel und Sohn and Borsig(Berlin) obtained a licence for using the patents of Warren and Abner Doble for use in road and rail vehicles. From 1932 until 1934 Warren Doble worked in Kassel with Richard Roosen and other engineers of Henschel und Sohn research and development department, called TB4 ”Studienburo”.

Warren brought Doble F31 with him when he started work in Kassel and Oscar Henschel bought Doble F35.

After a period of research the first busses were sold to Elberfelder Bahnen and Kraftverkehr Sachen AG

Over time more busses and trucks were build, the biggest order came from the Deutsche Reichsbahn which ordered 10 trucks which were used for delivering goods from railway depot Kassel

The Vehicles

This is a list of vehicles which were part of this project.

Doble F31

build on a Buick model 60 sedan in 1930, destroyed in an airraid during WW2.

Doble F35

upgraded from Chassis E12 by William Besler, destroyed in an airraid in WW2.

Delivered as a chassis, body built by Erdmann & Rossi, Berlin.

Sentinel S6

built in 1935 wit serialnumber 9196, used for many years as a mobile testing platform, was fitted with a mechanical stoker.

Steam Launch

built in 1933 as a testing platform

Bus for Elberfelder Bahnen Wuppertal

used from 1933 until 1942, then decommissioned due to fuel shortages, converted to front steer and rear mounted boiler in 1936.

Bus for Kraftverkehr Sachsen AG

built in 1933/34

Truck for Wickuler-Kupper-Brauerei, Elberfeld (Wuppertal)

Truck for Thuringia-Brauerei August Schmidt Muhlhausen

10 trucks for Deutsche Reichsbahn

built in 1933, two diffent cabversions are known, used from depot Kassel.

Truck for Kraftverkehr Nordmark AG Altona

triple-axle truck with 1 steam engine on each rear axle, built in 1934, ran between Hamburg and Berlin, decommissioned in 1937

Bus for Bielefelder Stadtwerke

delivered in 1935 and decommissioned in 1936 due to poor performance related to the use of the wrong fuel and increasing cost of fuel

Bus for Kasseler Omnibus Gesellschaft

built in 1935, converted to dieselmotor

Bus for Omnibusbetrieb der Bremer Vorortbahnen

built in 1936, converted to dieselmotor


Here is a list of sources i currently have in my possession.

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Based on the research i already have done i am looking for the following sources

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If you know of other publications which cover this project in any way i would like to know.


if you wish to get in touch with me in regard to this research, i can be reached through the Contactform here.

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